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More Schools book Snakebusters for wildlife shows for one reason.
Snakebusters are consistently rated Australia's best reptiles.
It's that simple!
Snakebusters have:
"Hands on reptiles" - all other companies do "show and tell" only!
Most expertise
World's Deadliest Snakes (Devenomized) - Zero Risk! (see below)
Most reptiles
Best education
Best "extras"
Most fun!

Live reptile shows as an incursion are always popular with school-age children and none more so than Snakebusters!
No one else has the expertise and ability to display snakes and reptiles like the Snake Man Raymond Hoser and his team. The children are captivated and teachers will be stunned at how they can have the undivided attention of a full class of students for the hour or so his show goes on.
Several basic show plans are used at schools for the reptile shows and others can be formulated to suit the needs of the school group, their study curriculum or whatever. We cater for all levels.
Most of our school reptile shows start with a "snake safety" lesson, so that the children won't rush off and try to catch or handle deadly snakes. The Snakebusters school reptile show is alone in that we have all the top five deadly species, the local ones and ours are venomoid snakes. This allows us to show the children what is deadly and what's not, at close range and in complete safety. No other company in Australia can do this and in our view no school should take risks with un-devenomized snakes!
Then the bulk of the interactive show is the "hands on" where the school children get to hold various harmless snakes, large lizards, crocodile, frog or tortoise. By using multiple reptiles, including snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles at once (something only Snakebusters do), the school-age children are usually able to touch or handle a snake, croc, lizard, turtle, frog or whatever, immediately, hence removing the risk of bored kids waiting for their turn and turning feral.
Snakebusters are the only company that lets all the kids hold the reptiles. The best others do is let the kids touch the reptile while the exhibitor holds it in a tight grip.
As for other hands on lectures and incursions, parents and adults are also recommended to attend the display and while our preferred group size is about 30, there is some latitude here.
Our demonstrations comply with VELS, CSV ELS, and other curricula. Our interactive hands on educational reptile shows are fully certified and accredited by the relevant authorities.
Printed class study sheets are available on demand (including the examples linked here) and all school show groups who have a snakebusters interactive school incursion receive free a copy of the "Hoser Wildlife Collection" CD-Rom which is valued at $55 and is the reference of choice in terms of Australian Reptiles and Frogs and Endangered Animals of Australia.
The information on this CD-rom is vast and it enables a continuation of the reptile experience long after snake man Raymond Hoser and his show have left.
Yes, Raymond Hoser isn't just another travelling wildlife show, but he's in fact one of Australia's leading authorities on wildlife!
Having written the definitive books on reptiles, mammals and birds, discovered and named numerous new species and even genera, the kids will not only get to see animals, but be taught by an internationally regarded expert. No other school wildlife presentations company can make such a boast!
While Snakebusters have long been regarded as the market leader in terms of live reptile shows, school shows and incursions at school events, people are always surprised that it rarely costs more to get the best reptile show for their school or group. Pricing is from $300 per session (2013 prices) and less per reptile show if several are booked at once.
As a rule we try to keep pricing to about $5-$7 per student which represents the best value for money in terms of live snakes, other reptiles and the only "hands on reptiles" incursion around.
Note: Recently staff from Worksafe Victoria made a ruling that it is now illegal to demonstrate venomous snakes that have not been surgically devenomized (see Sect 32 of the OH and S Act 2004), due to the obvious risks. As a result, a number of outfits formerly using venomous snakes have desisted. Only Snakebusters have devenomized snakes that have been vet certified, microchipped and approved by a registered, practicing veterinary surgeon. Only snakebusters school reptile shows can guarantee a risk-free deadly snake show!
Noting that most Australian snakes are venomous, a school wildlife show without the deadly snakes is only half an animal show!
Further details - Phone (within Australia) 0412 777 211.
Or Melbourne (03) 9812 3322.

Warning: School children exposed to snakebusters educational school reptile shows may badger their parents for a pet python or lizard!

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