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Child care centre shows in Victoria, with an unmatched perfect safety record.
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Australia's best reptiles

If you run a child-care centre or similar, forget the worries related to getting someone into the place to entertain or educate the kids.
Snakebusters will bring everything that's needed.
Remember, Snakebusters are independently rated Australia's best reptiles, meaning no other travelling reptile show matches our standards.
With Snakebusters, you simply sit back and watch the kids become captivated by Australia's only "hands on" reptile show. Yes, only Snakebusters let the kids hold the animals. All other companies are "hands off", "show and tell" or boring "static displays" only.
Typically the children are sat in a group with Raymond Hoser/Snakebusters and the critters placed where all can see him or his staff.
The show always begins with the best snake safety and snake awareness presentation in the industry. Yes, it includes all the deadly snakes! Because ours are vet certified surgically devenomized and totally safe, it is the only risk free reptile show in Australia and why we alone can legally cart deadly snakes anywhere.
This safety lesson is essential for the kids as they must know not to touch or handle wild snakes that may be dangerous. Furthermore with our snakes we can give the full lesson in a way that de-demonises the snakes and makes sure the kids know that not all snakes are to be handled and what each kind looks like.
Snakebusters have been bringing devenomized snakes to kinders for years and are alone in the reptile industry with a perfect (zero incident) safety record, as would be expected with the use of devenomized snakes.
For the most important part, the "hands on reptiles", all the reptiles we use are the harmless kinds, such as pythons, small crocodiles, lizards and the like.
As harmless reptiles are used in the kinder/childcare setting and they are tame, the fear factor is usually nil for most kids and the Snakebusters team also makes sure of this, while at the same time re-inforcing the "no owner -no touch message".
When the reptiles are brought and out shown to the kids, we let them hold them if they want. Other outfits visiting kinders at best only allow touching the reptile's tail, but Snakebusters are alone in "full on - hands on" where the kids can actually hold the reptiles if they want.
The bravest kids go first and soon it's "Monkey see, monkey do" with most kids wanting to hold reptiles and then not wanting to let them go!
Snakebusters are alone in the reptile demonstrations industry in bringing lots of reptiles out at a time if need be, so that kids don't have to wait their turn to hold a reptile. They can all have instant gratification.
Notwithstanding this, there are occasionally some who have a deep fear of anything scaly and they are not pushed into doing anything they don't want to.
Hence at the end of one of Snakebusters eductional reptile displays, everyone feels that they've had an experience to remember.
Parents are also invited to attend the display as they too will learn from the experts.
Forget all the alternatives. Nothing competes with Snakebusters, Australia's Snakeman Raymond Hoser his magnificent staff, live snakes and the other reptiles to give the kids a good fun time and make your child care centre a place for early childhood learning.
Raymond Hoser has two young children of his own (aged 2 and 4 in 2004) and so he knows their "on" and "off" buttons like only a parent can.
Pricing is from $300 per session (2011 rates) and less per session if several are booked at once.

Further details or to book Australia's best incursion:
Phone (within Melbourne, Victoria Australia)
(03) 98123322
0412 777 211.
Warning: Children exposed to snakebusters reptile shows may badger their parents for a pet python or lizard!

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