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Snakebusters® are the most frequently demanded reptile show in Victoria for several reasons. The owner of Snakebusters is the globally recognized Snakeman, Raymond Hoser, author of nine books and hundreds of definitive scientific reptile papers. Among his achievements are the discovery and naming of more species, genera, tribes and families of snakes than anyone else in the world who has lived since the 1920's, the total being over 40 species, more than 130 valid snake genera (more than anyone else in history), over 30 subgenera, dozens of tribes (more than anyone else in history) and several families (more than anyone else in history)! Raymond Hoser scientifically named the world's longest snake, the Asian genus Broghammerus, the best known species being the Reticulated and Timor Pythons, now known to the world's scientists as Broghammerus reticulatus and Broghammerus (Wellspython) timoriensis. Raymond Hoser has taken naming rights to taxa as diverse as pythons (more species and genera than anyone else in history), boas including most genera of Dwarf Boas, over 10 Australian species of snakes and many more subspecies, over a dozen species from Africa, including Cobras and giant Vipers, Rattlesnakes (about half the named genera), Death Adders (9 of 15 named species), Pygmy Mulga Snakes (3 of 4 species), Garter Snakes (about half the genera), Kukri Snakes (10 of 12 genera), numerous True vipers and (non-rattle) pitvipers (many genera and species), tree snakes (genera and species), keelbacks, small-eyed snakes, sea snakes and various other elapid species, stilletto snakes, more than half the world's Blindsnake genera, having named over 30 of these as well as several Blindsnake species, ratsnakes, water snakes, racers and more (and from all continents and major landmasses that have snakes) as well as other reptile taxa including lizards, the only scientifically described crocodile species this century and the largest Freshwater Turtle in the United States, namely the Florida Alligator Snapping Turtle Macrochelys maxhoseri Hoser 2013.
Snakebusters were the first company in the world to take OH and S with venomous snakes seriously, by surgically devenomizing all show snakes, thereby securing the snake's welfare at the same time, by removing the need for brutality with sticks, tongs and other handling devices.
In Victoria, Snakebusters reptile displays are the only company who allow everyone to hold the reptiles. The best you get elsewhere tends to be a fleeting touch or what they call, wildlife close.
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