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Melbourne's only licensed Snake Catcher, Victoria, 24/7. Snake handler with over 40 years experience. Reptile removals, control, capture, handlers, handling, relocations, control, prevention, awareness, education, training and courses.

Emergency snake removal MelbourneSnakebusters ® Melbourne
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(Government licenced snake removalists)
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Melbourne, Australia (All Suburbs)
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For the removal of your problem snake/s.
(Note it is an offence under Victorian law for an unlicenced person to attempt to capture or kill a snake). Snakebusters are licenced snake catching experts.
Don't take risks with an unlicensed imitator.
Call "The Snake Man"!

24 hours a day to all Melbourne suburbs and nearby areas!
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Emergency snake removal Melbourne Melbourne's Snakes - photos identifying all the dangerous forms.
Emergency snake removal Melbourne

If you have found a snake on your property - how to make the snakes go away - pdf file.
Emergency snake removal Melbourne

Shows in schools, kinders, scout groups, etc, exhibitions, consulting, expert witness for court proceedings, etc.
Emergency snake removal Melbourne

Melbourne's Snakes - Definitive paper by Raymond Hoser.
Emergency snake removal Melbourne

Photo sales
All species of Australian reptile and frog.
Emergency snake removal Melbourne

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Emergency snake removal Melbourne

Herpetology papers.
Emergency snake removal Melbourne

Reptiles as pets.
Emergency dangerous snake removal Melbourne

Emergency snake removal Melbourne

Dangerous Snake removal, Snakebusters are the snake removal experts in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

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