Getting Raymond Hoser The Snake ManSnake catcher cost for snake removal and snake handler work.

If you call a licensed snake removal or snake catcher to come to your home for snake capture, the cost of the service fee and snake removal might be around $200 - $500 depending on location and other factors.
Licensed snake catchers in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia can be found by calling 0412-777-211, or 1300-1 SNAKE.
Unlicensed imitators are a risk to you and your safety and should not be dealt with under any circumstances.
There are other factors relevant to snake removal cost and charges and they may include the following:
- Time of day.
- Distance travelled from Licensed Snake Catcher.
- Time spent finding or catching snake.
- Government imposed release or license fees.
- Levies, fines, charges and other unexpected costs.
- The only licensed snake catcher in Australia is Snakebusters.
- Unlicensed people are a greater risk and less likely to be able to find a snake that has fled.
- Only licensed snake catchers have an immediate response time to maximize likelihood of catching any snakes seen.
To find out more about your likely cost and terms and conditions of snake catcher, snake removal, snake control, snake capture and snake handler work it is best to see the official Melbourne Snake Catcher page bookings terms and conditions.
If you wish to start your own snake control business there are a number of factors to consider.
These include:
Do you like snakes?
Are you happy to work 24/7?
Are you willing to comply with a raft of sometimes difficult rules and regulations?
Will you respect others in the wildlife space?
Are you able to deal with different members of the public?
Are you able to make a livable income after costs, fees and charges are stripped out?
Do you have a driver's license?
Do you have spare demerit points to allow for unexpected police attention and revenue raising activity?
It also is most important to be trained by a leading expert and within Australia, there is only one ICZN recognized name authority who does snake handler training. Details of that can be found on the Snake Handler Course page.

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